About us

Igbo School was founded in 2009 to be a world class online learning centre for the study of Igbo language and culture. Our idea of a student-centred approach is to offer excellent learning in an innovative online environment. We will go out of our way to make sure our students are successful and happy.  provides the highest standards of Igbo language and culture education for students that come from all over the world to study using our innovative, stimulating, and user-friendly online learning management system from the comfort of the homes. Our aim is to help you achieve your linguistic objectives while making your learning experience a rewarding and enjoyable one.

We have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of international students and we take seriously the responsibility to ensure we maintain our reputation for quality Igbo language and culture instruction. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

With our communicative teaching method, learning Igbo language becomes simple, easy and straight forward.

Igbo, a language of over thirty million native speakers living predominantly in South-Eastern Nigeria, and which, due to immigration, now has a significant native-speaker representation in North America, is categorized as an endangered language due to sociolinguistic factors resulting in decreasing native-speaker competence. In North America and everywhere else where Igbo is spoken, modern professional families often have neither time nor the knowledge of the oral traditions to transfer to their children. We are stepping in to provide an avenue for the Igbo child/family to learn language, values, customs, ethics, etc., through media contents such as video lessons, cartoons and folktales.

This collaborative and interdisciplinary project focuses on preserving the Igbo language, which, according to the UNESCO and endangered language scholars, will be extinct in 50 years. This website is designed to be a Learning Management System, and an online language centre where adults can access video lessons and animations; young learners, cartoons and animated videos; and parents, cartoons and language tools to teach Igbo to their children.