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This course reinforces previous knowledge of verb conjugation and sentence formation in the present tense acquired in Course 1. This course focuses on verb conjugation, increase vocabulary acquisition and sentence formation in both present and past tenses. Although the course is designed to be completed within one month, your registration will grant you access to this course for one full year starting on the date of registration. Below is a general description of the contents of each of the ten video lessons.
  • You need to have completed Igbo language and culture or its equivalent beginner 1 before taking this course
  • Basic knowledge of the Igbo language and culture
  • Internet connection on your computer or cellphone
  • Willingness to learn a new language
  • Understanding of Igbo grammatical structure
  • Understanding of the place of the verb as the centre of speech
  • Understanding the use of nouns, pronouns and verbs in sentence formation
  • Understanding how to combine language elements into your own sentences