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Information for instructors

How do I become an instructor?

You can sign up to teach your courses online by completing a few steps:
1. Sign up, complete a user registration and verify your account.
2. Log into the application, click on Become An Instructor from the top menu, and provide profile details and submit your request.
3. Wait for a system administrator (Admin) to review and approve your request. You will receive an email upon approval of your request.
4. Log in, go to Instructor Admin Dashboard, create a course and submit for review and approval.
5. Your course will go live once approved.

Becoming an instructor

Every valid registered/logged user can submit a request to become an Instructor. Once your request has been approved, next time you log in, you will be redirected to the Instructor Admin Dashboard.

If you are on the application home page, you can get to the Instructor Admin Dashboard by clicking on your user profile icon from the top menu and selecting Admin Dashboard from the dropdown menu.

How do I sign up or create an account?

You can browse most of the front pages without being logged in. In order to have a better user experience, we suggest you browse this application with logged in state.

On the right top of the home page, there are two buttons. One for logging in and the other for signing up. If you already have an account, you do not need to sign up again. To sign up, you must provide first name, last name, a unique email address, a phone number and a password. If the provided email address does not conflict with other user’s email ids then you will be registered successfully.

How do I verify my account?

You need to verify your email address before you can be authenticated and receive full access to the application. As soon as you submit the form, an email will be sent to your email address for verification. Check your email and click on the Verify Email link and login with your user email and password. Once you have been verified, you can navigate the application without login issues. if you have any issues, contact our support team by email or using the form on the contact page.

How do I log in to this application?

After clicking on the Login button, you need to to fill out the email and password fields with the valid email and password which you used for creating the account.

How do I create a course?

As an instructor, first of all, you need to log in and go to the Instructor Admin Dashboard. Several account, course, student, and revenue management tools are available from the left sidebar. Please navigate the dashboard to explore the many robust features available to you.

You can create a course by clicking on Course from the left sidebar and selecting Course from the dropdown. From the course management dashboard, click on Add Course to provide course details and proceed with course creation.

What can I do with the course creation tools?

An instructor can create a course by filling all the required fields of the course request form. You can add your course to an existing category, sub category, or create a new category and sub category for your course request.

Through the Add Course form, you will provide valuable information like course title, prerequisites, contents, and description.

Once you submit the course request form, you will be redirected to the course management dashboard where you can see all the courses you've created or requested.

Click on the Edit Course button to begin to manage your course contents and add or remove course materials.

What kind of course materials can I upload?

The application's robust course creation tool makes it easy to manage course contents and quizzes. As an instructor, you can add, edit or delete sections, chapters, modules, lessons, quizzes, etc., from the edit course dashboard.

You can add different types of lesson materials such as upload video or provide a video url for video lesson, text files, PDF files, image files, etc. We recommend uploading short videos of less than 10 minutes each, and less than 30MB. You can set various course parameters such as course price, status, overview video, images, money back policy, etc.

What is the recommended length and size of video lessons I can upload?

We recommend uploading short videos of less than 10 minutes each, and less than 30MB each. There is no limit to the number of courses you can create or the number of video lessons you can upload.

How does my course get published and made accessible to students?

Once you fill all the course details and submit, an Admin will review your course request and approve or reject it. Be patient as this may take up to 72 hours (three business days) to complete. You will receive an email upon approval or rejection of your course request. After the approval, your course will go live and become available for students to search for and enrol in.

How do I get paid for my courses?

Once your course has been approved, students can search for it from the frontend and be able to add it to their wishlists, carts and enrol in the courses. After every successful course purchase, the instructor will receive a predefined portion of the amount paid by the student.

Please review our course revenue sharing formular for percentage allocation. Please ensure that your instructor profile is updated with your PayPal details so that you are able to receive your own percentage of every course purchase.

How do a view revenue and payment reports?

The Instructor Admin Dashboard has a robust revenue reporting tool. Instructor is able to view completed transactions, pending revenue and completed payouts. Instructor will be able to see all the payment
information in payment report menu with the current payment status.

How much do I pay to become an instructor?

There is no cost to list and teach your courses on this platform. The process is simple: just register, create your course and begin to promote it to your target students.

As an instructor, you can list your course as a FREE or PAID course. You set the parameters in the Instructor Admin Dashboard. Students can enrol and take your free courses at no cost. But if you are offering a paid course, our revenue sharing formular will apply to each registration.